MOKEN Makes a Splash

October 17-31, 2017: Finally, we were back in Subic Bay, but not quite ready to move back on board MOKEN just yet.

We’d left MOKEN in the boatyard for three and a half months while we were in Canada. For the most part everything looked good inside and out, but we did have a leak in the pilothouse roof that stained some of the teak panels and trim. Fixing the leak would be a priority. Fixing the stained teak would have to wait.

Life in the yard is hot and dirty. There’s no air conditioning when we are out of the water and no clean showers or toilets. So it was back to our hotel room at Vasco’s for a couple more weeks. At least we were able to collect Nukaat and have him with us again. I’m not sure he was quite as happy to see us (and the small hotel room) as we were to see him.

We went straight back to work getting MOKEN ready to splash. Our painting crew had already completed the sanding and prep for one final topcoat of green on the hull. The scaffolding was up and they soon had the new tarps in place. They taped. It rained. They retaped. I picked up the painters at 0430 one morning. The rental car wouldn’t start, so I sent them to the yard in a taxi, forgetting that I had all the paint and supplies in the back of the car. So I piled it into a second taxi and followed a little behind. Despite a bit of a later start than we had planned, they painted. Finally, MOKEN’s new green paint job was done.

Now it was just a matter of putting MOKEN back together again and applying the antifouling bottom paint.

Meanwhile, Chris kept busy with other projects on his list. He installed new carpeting in the engine room, modified the sea chest to add a new fitting and caulked what needed caulking. I stayed out of everyone’s way, ran errands and assembled a list of all our out-of-pocket expenses that we incurred as a result of the overspraying, which I presented to the responsible party. While I doubt we’ll see all our money back, at least we have received a first instalment.

Finally, it was time for MOKEN to return to the water. As the Travelift gently set her down, Chris was kept busy inside checking for leaks. With none found, the straps were removed and we started up the engine and made our way across the basin to her usual slip. It felt good to be back home on C dock.

Now it was time to move on board and get on with the rest of our extensive project list and cleaning. Sometimes it seems like the work is never ending, but at least now we’d have air conditioning.

Our thanks to Mylene and family for taking great care  of Nukaat when we were in Canada, to Oliver and crew for painting the green hull (again) and to the Watercraft crew for doing the antifouling.


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