Safety Equipment

Quality safety gear is extremely important in an offshore passagemaker. After first-hand experience rescuing unprepared boaters as members of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, MOKEN’s crew has augmented the vessel’s safety equipment and will continue to add new gear to protect the vessel and her crew.

  • ACR GlobalFix EPIRB valid to 01/2023.
  • Viking RescYou Pro self-righting offshore 6-man life raft with fiberglass case, stainless steel cradle and H20 Hydrostatic Release.
  • Katadyn Survivor-06 hand-operated RO watermaker.
  • Two VHFs and SSB both have DSC.
  • Parachute flares.
  • Handheld flares.
  • Buoyant smoke signals.
  • Green fluorescein dye markers.
  • Handheld safety horn.
  • Fire blanket.
  • Emergency smoke masks.
  • Five offshore inflatable life vests.
  • Two floater jackets.
  • Raymarine MOB alarm system with 4 tags.
  • Two throw rings.
  • ACR 3940.1 SM-2 MOB Automatic Marker Light (SOLAS).
  • MOB hoist system.
  • Lifesling 3 MOB recovery system.
  • Scotty 12′ MOB pole.
  • Extensive first aid kit and range of medicines (stored in salon).
  • Secondary first aid kit (stored in master head).
  • Two ACR rapid ditch bags.
  • Kidde Night Hawk CO2 alarms located in the salon and aft stateroom.
  • Halon fire extinguishers located in the aft stateroom, salon (2), engine room, and pilothouse.
  • Propane fume detector with solenoid shut-off valve.