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38 responses to “Contact Us

  1. I enjoy your blog and am looking for a used DD462.
    What are you asking for yours?
    Many thanks, Lee Stone.

    • Hi Lee, Our asking price is USD $550,000. Please check the Meet MOKEN section of this site for technical specifications and details about installed equipment. Our asking price also includes a long list of spare parts and tools that are not itemized here.

  2. good day! can we ask if you are a researcher or a blogger? because we read your article about the land fill area of new cabalan in 2012. we have an research about it.

    • Hi Lloyd, just a blogger. I was lucky enough to get invited along by a friend who was helping with a livelihood project near the landfill. It was in conjunction with Columban College I believe.

  3. Hi Sandra and Chris,
    Thanks for all the beautiful posts of your Azerbaijian/Georgia adventures.
    Reading your narrative and looking at pictures of the roads you have to drive on, I can only say you and Chris are adventurous/courageous for sure! Have more fun, my friend, and stay safe!

  4. Such cute photos and adventures of your kitty at sea. It was sure great to catch up over Christmas. Happy New Year and see you in the summer.

  5. Thank you for a very interesting blog. How do you feel today about your choice to become liveaboard yachties and what about your choice of boat? Any regrets?

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for visiting our blog. No regrets so far about the decisions we’ve made to purchase this Diesel Duck and move on board full time. It’s a very comfortable home both in the marina and out exploring the waters around the Philippines. Thanks for asking.

  6. Sandra, Chris and Nukaat
    Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2014. We are still enjoying your blog and look forward to reading about your new adventures in 2014.
    Cheers, Karen & Stuart

  7. Hello Sandra & Chris: I am Ella Schmidt, niece of Bill (my Mom’s brother) and Marie MacLean, and are having lunch with Aunt Marie in Maple Ridge. Your Dad gave Aunt Marie your blog co-ordinates and we have been enjoying your photos and stories. My husband Dieter and I moved to Malaysia in November 2011 and we will be there until November 2013. We have been having a great time. We would love to hear from you.

  8. OK…this is my first visit to a blog. Way cool. You should write that book – you’re an awesome writer. Your adventure sounds really amazing. We would love to be there with you. Your dad called me tonight so I’ll touch base with him tomorrow. All is well. Take care and keep writing. We miss you.
    Trish & Norm
    PS The kids thought you were cool on your bike, but your blog has really put them over the top. (I just hope they don’t think we’ll finance them to do the same one day…)
    PSS We just booked a trip to Costa Rica for spring break so we’ll get to do some diving there

  9. Hey Sandra,
    Happy belated birthday friend!! The Subic Bay dive sounds like a wonderful birthday present. Sounds like there will also be a follow-up trip to hang out with those dolphins at the aquarium? We are excited about your dream adventure and are enjoying living vicariously through all your posts…that first trip out must have been pretty wonderful and surreal at the same time. The less romantic side of boat ownership and all those interesting mechanical hiccups and challenges you’ve encountered certainly sound familiar. Know we are always thinking of you two and looking forward to our next glass of wine together. For now its back to the books… Love Shel and Rob

  10. Thanks for this blog, Sandra and Chris. I had your Dad over a couple days ago, Sandra, and sat him down to read the stories. He is doing just great and really enjoyed reading about what you are doing. Reading about the boat reminded me of the years on Dad’s boat. Always something to fix and do. It looks like a nice home to stay in. Continue your adventure…

    • Hi Tracy. Dad’s really lucky to have such great neighbours. Thanks for everything you’re doing to help him out. Hope you are enjoying your return to the old ‘hood!

      • Cheers!! I’m off early this morning (just before 5am local time) to finish moving a few things out my old place, do some final cleaning, and then carpet cleaning today. It’s an adjustment for everyone 🙂 I am curious about life aboard your boat. I was wondering of you have any pictures of the boat’s exterior, the wheelhouse interior, and maybe the galley areas of the boat. I know my Dad would be interested too in this. Good luck with everything!!

  11. Hi guys! Sounds like you’re both adjusting just fine and hey, what’s the hurry. Just enjoy each day and it sounds like you are. Keep the posts coming, we really enjoy them!
    Hope to see you soonish!

  12. Really enjoy reading your blog, my husband and I are dreaming of doing something like this one day. Actually he found you blog when looking up Ducks, as he likes these boats. Good luck with your adventure.

  13. Only a few more days until the great journey begins (or did it begin on that fateful diving trip to Egmont in ’99?) Wishing you calm waters and rollicking good times. Already missing you tremendously. Do you have room in that cozy heat treated lumber shipping crate for a toddler who screams NO, NO, NO all day? Bon Voyage! Sherry, Glenn and Harrison xoxox

  14. On a small vacation to the Philippines back in the spring I was not aware that Chris would be in Subic Bay.
    Of course as soon as I found out that it was the official handover from the previous owner Robert, I had to witness this monumentous event… Chris and Sandra signing their comfortable Canadian lives away for a high seas adventure…. An amazing decision you both have made, and I wish you all the best.
    I guess I was the official first visitor… But I promise, it will not be my last.

    The highlight of my visit…. As soon as the deal was complete….. Chris telling Robert ,”Get the &$#! out of my Captain’s seat!!!!”

    Safe Travels

  15. Wow…your renovations look great! Have a great time …see you when you get back.
    I am also very sorry to hear of your mom’s passing..

  16. I really can’t express how disappointed I am to be probably leaving the Philippines at the same time you guys are moving here. Perhaps one last rendezvous at the All Souls Regatta?

  17. Congratulations on your next adventure. I look forward to seeing pictures as I always have of all your trips. Safe journey my friend

  18. Hmmmm thank goodness you don’t get seasick … we look forward to following along and Rob will be jealous.


  19. Wow – impressive blog. Don’t think I could create any blog let alone one this good! You must be in the Communications field 🙂
    Vince & I look forward to reading about your travels. Hope to see you in Vancouver before you leave. We’re in town most of August and our suite is empty!!

  20. Greetins and Salutations from the Daw’s to our adventerous friends Mr & Mrs Moken. Hope to visit you guys in the Phillippines one day …however for now we’ll follow your blog and read about your tales on the great sea’s.

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