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Diesel Ducks
Diesel Ducks
Duck Talk Forum
Seahorse Marine

Boat Blogs
Dora Mac (Diesel Duck 462 Motorsailer, hull #5)
MV Shearwater (Diesel Duck 462 Motorsailer, hull #11)
MV David Ellis (Diesel Duck 462 Motorsailer, hull #2)
MV Moby Duck (Diesel Duck 462 Motorsailer, hull #14)
SV Escapade (Catana 471)
Soul Balladeer (44 Hans Christian Pilothouse)

Cruising Forums, Associations & Blogs
Bluewater Cruising Association
Cruisers Forum
Noonsite: The Global Site for Cruising Sailors
Panbo: The Marine Electronics Blog
Seven Seas Cruising Association
The Boat Galley
Trawler Forum
Women & Cruising

Divers Alert Network (DAN)
Dive & Sea Sports (New Westminster, BC)
South Sea Divers (Puerto Galera, Philippines)
D’Divers (Puerto Del Sol, Busuanga, Philippines)

Facebook Groups (boating related)
Active Captain
Bluewater Sailing and Cruising
Cooking on Boats!
Cruisers Book Club
Diesel Duck Owners
Gatos del Mar (cats who sail/navigate)
Live Aboard Boats
Marine VHF, DSC and AIS
Marine Watermakers Discussion Group
Offshore SSB Radio and Email
Pacific Sailing and Cruising
Pacific Typhoon Season
Sailing and Cruising
Seven Seas Cruising Association
Trawler Living and Cruising
Women Who Sail

Facebook Groups (regional boating information)
AHOY Penang
Sail Anambas
Sail SE Asia
South East Asia Explorers
Women Who Sail SE Asia

Anroid and iOS Apps (for Navigation and Weather)
C-Map Plan2Nav
Google Earth
Predict Wind

BC Farm Writers’ Association
Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue
Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (formerly Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary)
Saanich Marine Rescue Society