Christmas Party 2016

December 23, 2016: Whenever we’ve been in Subic around Christmas time, we usually organized a small Christmas party for the guys who work on our neighbouring boats as a thank you for all the times they help us out during the year.

This year was no exception, but thinking this might be our last Christmas in Subic we decided to do something other than pizza and beer. This time we ordered a roasted suckling pig (lechon) instead, the ultimate Filipino party food.

In addition to our neighbours, we also invited those who worked on MOKEN over the past year, the marina dock staff and a few of our yachtie friends too.

The Christmas lights and decorations never did make it out of the box and I totally forgot to take any pictures after Alvin took it upon himself to carve up the pig, but rest assured we all ate way too much and had a great time.

A very merry (and very belated) Christmas to all.

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