Road to Recovery

March 19, 2013: Week two wasn’t the best part of dad’s visit, so we tried to end off on a better note. Chris was back now, so there was another mad scramble to fix a few minor things on the boat to get it ready for a cruise. And of course, we had to find better homes for all the stuff from our shipment before we could leave the dock. So while Chris looked after that side of things, dad and I went for a ride in a jeepney, a trip by trike and a visit to the Olongapo market.

Then we set off for a day cruise in Subic Bay and neighbouring Port Bininga. It was a beautiful day, so we anchored in a lovely cove for lunch and a swim. And then we toured Subic Bay before returning to the marina.

A few more afternoons by the pool, and a couple of relaxing massages soon had dad feeling back to normal.

Unfortunately, dad missed out on his fishing charter this time. Instead, we picked up some fresh fish and jumbo prawns at the market and had our own seafood fiesta on the boat.

For a final send off, we returned to Texas Joe’s for dinner on dad’s last evening. He certainly seemed to enjoy it when the waitresses all sang Happy Birthday to him…we celebrated it a couple of weeks early!

With a little last minute souvenir shopping out of the way, dad was all packed up and ready for the drive back to Manila and his flight home. A vacation of a lifetime and his first overseas trip at the age of 83. I think he’s caught the travel bug. He’s already planning his next one…to Bermuda.

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