Pumps & Pizza

October 20, 2012: A couple of days ago, we stopped in at an electrical shop in Olongapo to order some 24 volt fans. Not an easy thing to come by here. Chris also asked about the pump for our washing machine. The owner, June, told us he’s made mods for several boats at the marina by adding in a second pump to the discharge system. He also installs a switch to flip between the 50 Hz and 60 Hz pumps as required. He even showed us a sample. It sounded like it just might work. So, Chris spent the better part of yesterday afternoon taking the whole machine apart just to gain access to the pump.

Today, when we took the pump in to show it to June, he had an even better solution for us. He said he carried that same pump in a dual 50/60 Hz model. We could simply replace it. So he climbed up on to the counter to get it from the shelves high overhead. But no luck. He was out of stock and it would take about 15 days to get one in. With the machine parts strewn about the boat and Chris about to leave in a week to go back to work, that didn’t sound like a great solution. So June quickly switched to plan B. He disappeared for a few minutes, came back and ushered us up the stairs of the building next door to his store room. It was packed from one end to the other with used fridges, washing machines, stoves and other assorted appliances.

Here, one of his technicians was busy disassembling a second hand washing machine to retrieve the pump. It was the same size. They cleaned it up while we waited and made sure it matched the fitting. We could have it for 900P (about $21). We told June we’d spent the last of our cash just that morning and would have to go back to the boat for more. He simply told us to bring the money in next time we’re in town. And out we walked with the pump in hand. Simple.

Back on MOKEN, Chris spent the better part of this afternoon reassembling the washing machine and testing the pump on both cycles. Our trial load of laundry went through on shore power with no glitches…although the pump is a fair bit noisier than the Whirlpool factory original. Maybe it’s on its last legs. We ordered a new pump to have as a spare, just to be on the safe side. But at least we are back in business!

We also finished cleaning the outside lockers today. First, we have to take everything out and sort through it. We’ve been buying a lot of clear plastic bins to organize everything and keep it from bashing around inside the holds when we eventually get caught in stormy seas. We get rid of things that are corroded and then go shopping to buy replacements.

Then the dirty work begins. I don’t think the lockers have ever been cleaned since the boat was built. It’s humid in the tropics and moisture has a way of sneaking in, so black mold had formed over every surface of every locker. Only Magic Sponges, or their Chinese alternative, seem able to eradicate it. Not every shop carries them. So when we do find them, we tend to buy the entire supply.

Saturday evening we decided to revisit Sam’s Pizza. We were there last weekend. Not only is the pizza good, but the entertainment is a hoot. And that’s the real reason to visit Sam’s. The audience is mostly local with lots of large groups celebrating birthdays. This time we decided to sit right up front for a better view of the two bands. The house band plays every Saturday and has quite a wide-ranging playlist. Gangnam Style is hugely popular here like it seems to be everywhere. The guest band is more into reggae.

The bands take requests, but much to Chris’ dismay, nobody knew any Boney M. By the end of the night, they knew us by name and even promised to learn By the Rivers of Babylon for us by next weekend, if we came again! At least they knew Dancing Queen. Afterward closing Sam’s down, we popped in at PureNote to hear another live band.

Here’s a video of the two bands at Sam’s Pizza:

On the way home we tried something from a street vendor that I think is called Budbud Kabog. Basically it’s a glutinous rice and coconut ball rolled up in a banana leaf and grilled over a hibachi. A very tasty treat!