All Paws on Deck

January – April 2017: Nukaat here. It’s been about two human years since I’ve blogged. So many cat naps got in the way. Far too many to count on all my paws, anyway.

You’ve already heard my humans’ version of the events of our first cruise of the year. Now it’s time for me to share my thoughts on it. I usually have a slightly different interpretation of things here at my level.

The loud engine thingy roared to life and we got going. I always skedaddle when that noise starts. I’d dash to the big bed or I’d dart outside. I still haven’t found a really good place on board where I can get away from all that clatter and vibration. My humans however, usually get more animated. I guess they like change and moving. Me? Not so much.

For the next four months we moved from one place to another. Sometimes we’d stop for one night and move on right away the next morning. Sometimes we’d stop in one place for a week or two. It didn’t really matter too much to me, as long as my feeding schedule was on time.

If we were moving and it was calm, I’d lounge around within line of sight of my handlers, usually inside, but sometimes I’d even venture out. If we were moving and it wasn’t so calm, I’d curl up in my basket and wait for better times. The best part of cruising is all the guilt treats that are showered on me.

From time to time, I’d start to feel a little self conscious about my weight. So one day I decided to sit in the teeny basket where they usually keep the human treats when we are underway. Just to prove that I could fit. And I did…with just a little bit of overflow.


If the noises stopped, I’d bounce back to my usual self pretty quick cuz it usually meant it was time for dinner. There’s no sense in being mopey all the time.


Evenings were the best. Sometimes we’d all sit outside together and it was usually a bit cooler than mid-day. I could stretch out and let the cool breeze blow across my belly. Sometimes I’d even stay out all night on watch.

Rainy days are kind of fun too. I like to drink the water that pools on deck. It’s refreshing. But I don’t really like to get my paws too wet. On sunny days the deck gets really, really hot and then I don’t like to walk on it either.


The occasional bug popped by for a visit. The slow ones aren’t all that interesting. I like the ones that move around a lot more. That really gets my attention and I’m all about the chase. If I’m really bored, I’ll wrestle with my handlers. They make loud noises whenever I give them a love bite. They don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between that and a real bite. At other times I chase the long, skinny white toy that they call a tie wrap. It’s pretty hard to resist. They hook me with it every time.

Let’s play!


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