Snotty Seas

March 10, 2017: Even wonder how rough it can get out there on the water? Here’s a teaser.

We rounded Cape Calavite after a calm ride up the west coast of Mindoro on our way to Puerto Galera. Then we got hit with winds averaging 25-30 knots with gusts topping out around 45. Waves were breaking over the pilothouse roof. None of us were enjoying it much. We didn’t go below deck except to tie something down, we didn’t eat, we didn’t read and we couldn’t use the autopilot because the seas were too confused. We didn’t pass any other vessels other than large ships, and there was nowhere along this stretch of coast to hide out from the weather. Going forward and turning tail were our only options. We kept going.

We filmed this video after the worst had passed and this is pretty much what it stayed like for the rest of the day as we limped our way along the coast and into our anchorage after dark. It made for long, tedious day.

Fun, huh?


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