Baku One More Time

November 12-28, 2016: When Chris headed back for his final work tour in Baku, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to tag along for one more visit. We got a few days of beautiful fall weather, followed by a cold snap and even a little snow. My two weeks wound up with a couple of cold, but incredibly sunny days.

While Chris was at work during the days, I explored the city, shopped and cooked well-loved winter dishes that we just don’t even attempt in the tropics. It was a nice change of pace to be able to make baked lasagne, hearty soups, roasts with all the fixings, and casseroles again. And of course, we ate out at our favourite Georgian restaurant more than once, including one night when Chris and his mates had a khinkali (dumpling) eating contest, and one where we celebrated my 50th birthday. Where does the time go?

I saved my funicular ride up to Martyr’s Lane for views out over the Caspian Sea until my last day in Baku. The weather was perfect, but I didn’t count on the fact that the funicular is closed on Mondays. So, I had to walk up the stairs instead. I lost track after about 600.

Unlucky for Chris, after I left, he got some even nastier cold weather in December. Hmmm, I wonder how much he’ll miss the winters in Baku?

Next up, we take two weekend trips into the incredible Caucasus mountains. Stay tuned.

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