Diving the Coron Wrecks

Coron BayMay 2016: On our return to Busuanga Bay earlier this year, we took another opportunity to dive several of the Japanese wrecks that were sunk here by the Americans towards the end of World War II. Here’s the video:


Dive Sites:
Akitsushima Seaplane Tender (2 dives)
Okikawa Oil Tanker (2 dives)
Irako (Nitrox dive)
Kogyo Maru (2 dives)
Olympia Maru (2 dives)
Ekkai Maru (2 dives)
Lusong Gun Boat and reef

We had a great time with our new Ozzie dive buddies Craig and Velda and our guides Mensoy and Charlotte and the rest of the team from D’Divers. Until next time!

With additional photos by Velda.

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