Fresh Buko Salad

February 12, 2016: Our friends Bob and Flora live in a gorgeous beach house on Small La Laguna beach near Sabang, Puerto Galera. Chris and Bob used to work together in Burma.

On one of our wanders down the beach, we popped in to say hi. Although Bob was away at work, Flora was home with friends. We joined everyone on the veranda for a visit.

While we were there, two local men showed up to prune two huge coconut palms lining the front of the yard. The palms reach high overhead along the beach walkway and every few months Flora has to have them pruned and reduce the load of heavy coconuts. I wouldn’t want to be walking by when one of those dropped. They land with a thud and bounce off in all sorts of directions.

They quickly shimmied up the palms, pulled out their machetes and set about dropping large fronds onto the yard and beach beyond the wall. Then they dropped dozens of coconuts. Some old and brown, some young and green. The young coconuts are the perfect refreshing beverage on a hot day!

Next up, it was time to make Buko (Coconut) Salad. First the coconuts were split in half with the machete. Then a tool that looks like a large lemon zester is used to scoop out the young coconut flesh into strands. I took a turn at it, but it’s a skill that will take more practice on my part. You don’t want to scoop out any of the husk along with the meat.

This was mixed in a bowl with a bit of sugar, some cream, red jello and canned pineapple bits. Delightful.

Thanks Flora and friends for an entertaining and tasty afternoon!


flesh scooped from several young coconuts
sugar to taste
red jello cut into small cubes
canned pineapple, drained and cut into small bits
enough cream to make it moist

Optional Ingredients:
add a can of fruit cocktail, drained
use sweetened condensed milk in place of sugar

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Best served in a hollowed out coconut shell. Enjoy.

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