Going Up and Down All Day

Elevator GirlNovember 2, 2013: Cheridel Alejandrino became an overnight sensation after her video went viral on You Tube in August. Why? As the elevator girl at SM City in Olongapo, she keeps everybody entertained with her singing, Taglish banter (half in English, half in Tagalog), and cheerful attitude. Cherry’s since appeared on a variety of Filipino talk shows, but most of the time she simply rides the elevator up and down and keeps us all in stitches. Thank you Cherry for making our day!

4 responses to “Going Up and Down All Day

  1. OMG she is so different than the ones I remember in Japan.  They faced the button panel and only said the minimum — what floor, perhaps which stores, etc.  Totally different culture.  But then, we know that.   I had this email years ago, detailing each Asian culture and why they think they’re superior (Japanese know they’re the best Asians, because…Thai know they’re the best Asians because…CHinese know they’re the best Asians because…It was funny in the poking-fun-of-stereotypes sort of way…But it ended with “the Philippinos don’t give a shit if they’re the best Asians; they just wanna have fun” or something along those lines.  It was pretty silly.)

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