Hiding from the Rain

June 14-24, 2013: Some visitors come expecting to be entertained. Some keep us entertained. When you add a lot of torrential rain into the mix, sometimes all you want to do is hunker down, hide away and watch movies.

Stefanie’s visit last month is a perfect example. We talked about taking the boat out. We talked about going wreck diving. We talked about hanging out by the pool. We talked about doing all sorts of things. But in the end, the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative for playing outside, so we had to find other ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Like karaoke. Really, really bad karaoke. So bad, all the other patrons quietly disappeared and the staff shut us down.

And trying new foods we hadn’t experienced before. There was crispy pata (basically fried pork fat), chicharon (fried pork rind), and super tasty crispy fried chicken skin. I opted for Korean and Chris tried balut for the first time. Balut is a hard boiled duck egg complete with a duck fetus that should be quite small. This go around, I managed to overcome my squeamishness and eat the wee duckie but Stefi’s was a little too big to chow down.

We watched a lot of movies and series. We even saw World War Z at the cinema, our first time going out to see a movie since Avatar and my first time wearing socks in nine months. Why is the air conditioning so cold???

One evening, we visited the pulis (police) station and asked the officers on duty to lock up Chris in a jail cell so we could take his picture. What you can’t see in the photo is the other four guys in there, and in for real. Who knows what for!?! We didn’t ask.

A lot of laughs despite a lot of rain.

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