Out for a Drive

March 4, 2013: My dad arrived in the Philippines last week. It’s his first trip outside of North America. Not bad for an octogenarian, although he was pretty tired by the time he finally arrived at the boat.

After taking it easy for the first two days, we rented a car for a week and have been having fun driving and exploring the area beyond Subic. Day trips in assorted directions. Just pick a place on the map and go. They are all firsts for me too.

There was lunch at the beach in Morong, a tour of the very exclusive members only luxury community at Anvaya Cove, spying bats and monkeys in the tropical jungle, getting lost in Zambales, buying fresh star apples, mangoes, turnips, yams and cashews from roadside farm stands, driving through areas where the rice paddies are still worked by farmers plowing with carabao, commemorating the Bataan Death March of WWII at the Mt. Samat memorial, holding baby Olive Ridley sea turtles at the Pawikan Conservation Centre, and driving through the Candaba Wetlands on the lookout for migratory birds en route to the Arctic.

The distances aren’t far, but the roads are narrow and twisty and the traffic is slow, especially when you get stuck behind a truck piled high with bags of rice and topped with men who have to duck whenever there’s a power line overhead!

Today we’re off to watch dolphins at Ocean Adventure, followed by a relaxing afternoon by the pool. Next week, deep sea fishing!

8 responses to “Out for a Drive

  1. What a great opportunity for your dad, enjoy your visit & we hope to see you later in the year

  2. Heh Sandra, I am so enjoying your journey! So happy your dad ‘ventured out’!! If he’s never been out of North America, it will all be so different and exciting and such an amazing journey for him! Just makes me smile smile smile!! Did you know that it’s already been 10 years since we worked together? Amazing how time flies! And you certainly haven’t aged a day!!!

    • Hi Nana! Thanks for popping by and adding a note!!! Wow, 10 years you say. It certainly doesn’t feel that long, but I guess so. Thanks for the compliment and right back at you, I might add!!!

  3. You and especially your dad looks very happy on the fotos. Imagine you are spending a wonderful time together visiting different nice places around here.

    • It’s been fun exploring beyond Subic and Olongapo. All new places for me too. Love the carabao especially. But I’m going to miss you when you leave next week!

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