Practice Retirement

Call it what you will. Sabbatical. Extended vacation. We prefer “practice retirement”. And today is my first day!!! Although truth be told, I’ve been slowly easing into it for the last couple of weeks as I used up a bunch of vacation time. And no, it won’t be all lounging around, drinking tea, writing blog posts, lunching with friends, going to a yoga class or the beach, getting my hair or nails done (not that I’m opposed to any of that and hope to fit all that in and more). For the next week, I’ll be consumed with packing up the house, putting stuff into storage, doing all the stuff you have to do when moving and mowing, mowing, mowing. When Chris gets home next week, the heavy moving begins! Then we have just two and a half days to clear out and clean up.

Once we get settled in Nanoose Bay for the summer, let the real practice retirement begin! Not quite sure what it will look like this summer or on the boat, but if my “to do” list is any indication, I’ll be just as busy as ever.